Tianci International

We Pharma achievement transformation model,
Tianci international biomedical achievement transformation base adopts A brand new "A+W" achievement transformation innovation mode
"A + W" is an innovative achievement transformation model,
in which "A" refers to the industrialization of 42 high-end generic drugs and 4 new class I drugs by Tianci International through 9 years of independent innovation;
"W" stands for "We Pharma", which is our mission
"We Pharma" means producing medicine together in Chinese, which is to enable the ordinary people to afford highly-efficient secure drugs. Based on its own R&D technology, Tianci International integrates biomedical R&D, production and sales to form a whole industry chain platform, which is a "flexible, open and giving" sharing platform for the whole industry chain. Both from the perspective of technological innovation of biomedicine itself or the aspect of model innovation of platform "A + W", they are in line with the strategic goal of building Shanghai as a technological innovation center with global impact.