Tianci International

Located in the south of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park and covering 211 mu and a construction area of 280,000 square meters, Tianci “Science & Innovation Dream Works” has 20 standard workshops and can undertake 80 GMP production lines at most. As Zhangjiang is known as "China’s Medicine Valley", this base will strongly support Zhangjiang's biomedical innovation chain as a functional platform for the transformation of Zhangjiang's biomedical achievements. Tianci International integrates R&D, production and sales resources to form a "flexible, open and giving" sharing platform and address the last mile, namely the industrialization of innovative medicine.

Tianci "Science & Innovation Dream Works" differs greatly from the traditional pharmaceutical factory in concept and mode. As we all know, new drugs are all found under the stages of drug discovery, preclinical research, clinical research, production, commercialization and so on; every new drug cannot be marketed without the support of pharmaceutical factories. Traditional pharmaceutical factories are more insular, often only producing their own drugs without any social service and creativity, thus failing to innovate mostly. In view of these disadvantages, Tianci innovatively creates a world-class sharing pharmaceutical platform, which not only greatly improves the pharmaceutical productivity efficiency and remarkably reduces the overall cost of the industry, but also improves the conversion rate of innovative R&D results.