Tianci International

Modest while persistent
You can use everything in the world, which is not yours though
The company is aimed
To offer some humble effort to improve human health by continuous research and exploration, and make life more powerful;
to ensure social harmony and that ordinary people can use highly-efficient and secure medicine, and fulfill our social responsibility;
to make a contribution to the promotion of China's high-tech innovation status and the extension of influence of intellectual property in the world.
The Universe Is Everlasting
The reason why the universe is everlasting
is that it does not live for self. Therefore,
it can long endure.
This is from Chapter 7 of Lao Zi's Tao Te Ching, namely that the universe is everlasting. The reason why the universe is everlasting is that it does not live for self, so it can long endure. Love all things witha heart full of tolerance and dedication.
Keep Kindness in Mind
Kindness is a flower blooming in the heart. It is far away from the noisy shore, hiding the delicate petals and the subtle fragrance, standing as a clear pure stem, and moving tranquilly.
Be kindhearted is like lingering fragrance, which benefits oneself and others. Nature is natural with truth as beautiful. There are channels for water flow and paths for walking. If knowing the laws, follow them; if knowing the beauty, love them. Following the laws helps make up the shortcomings, and loving beautiful things makes one more perfect, which are both very natural and wonderful. Since the universe nourishes all things, treat them kindly. Since the universe is showing grace, repay kindness. Therefore, peace among men leads to the harmonious universe, while rage among men leads to the chaotic universe!
In A Peaceful Period, Everyone Is Happy.
Under Harmonious Environment,
New Things Are Prospering
Extend the respect of the aged in one’s family to that of other families;
extend the love of the young ones in one’s family to that of other families
This is what Mencius said when he commented on the idea "universal love and do not attack others" advocated by the Mohist School. The words are quoted from Mengzi Liang Hui Wang I, which mean that we should not forget other old people not in our blood lineage when we support and respect our elders. When raising and educating our younger generation, we should not forget other children not in our blood lineage. Mencius described the ideal society in his mind: "Therefore, people do not only care about their own family but also others" and “The elderly in society can enjoy their life, the young can contribute their talents, and the children can grow up healthily. The widower, the widow, the orphan, the sole elder, and the disabled can all be supported”. Mencius advocated benevolence and righteousness, that is, people naturally pursue kindness and benevolence, which is the most wonderful thing in the world. Because of such pursuit, people are all happy, safe and well-fed. "Benevolence is invincible"! Mencius hoped that "the people in the world live and work in peace". Such ambition is highly respectful!
Mind in Peace Purifies Personal World. If the Mind Is Peaceful,
the Universe Feels Peaceful.
Either you meditate or being quiet while moving around, the most important thing is to control your mind status, so observe your body and mind often and let the mind be peaceful. If the mind is settled down, you will feel peaceful, that is, to return to the truth! A song played by the guqin can calm you down. Accompanied by songs, wide geese fly full of joy. When you play the guqin in your spare time, flowers fly around! During the prosperous period, people live a happy life while the streets are crowded with vehicles. Foggy smoke flutters from the imperial censer slowly.