Tianci International

Tianci International is with more than ten years of experience in new drug research and development, has been engaged in the development of biological, chemical and natural medicines for a long time, and has undertaken the development tasks of many national innovative drugs. The company has established a first-class R&D team and equipped with advanced world standard devices and equipments. Tianci actively carries out Industry-Academy-Research cooperation, and establishes long-term cooperative relations with top-ranking research institutions at home and abroad. Meanwhile, the company attaches great importance to intellectual property, has formed a relatively complete patent and copyright management system.
General Target for R&D
Research and development of new drugs to meet urgent clinical needs for major diseases
R&D Ideas and Targets
Leading by innovative drugs, covering biological, chemical and natural medicines, supplemented by generic drugs, through consistency evaluation research, domestic generic drugs can reach the same level as original drugs.
Focus on 4 Medical Fields
Tianci innovative Drug R&D Pipeline
Undertaking Projects
Shanghai Major Projects of Strategic Emerging Industries
Shanghai Key Technological Renovation Projects